Time-lapse Calculator

Quick and easy way to calculate time-lapse duration/event duration/shooting interval for long term time-lapse.

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Best Time-lapse Calculator Available

This Time-lapse Calculator helps you figure out how long your time-lapse will be and how many pictures you’ll need. It’s handy for things like CCTV time-lapse cameras or documenting projects like construction, farming, or power plants. With this tool, you won’t need to spend ages crunching numbers for your time-lapse projects.

This time-lapse calculator is best suitable for long-term time-lapse calculations.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Timelapse duration or clip length depends on four factors: event duration, shooting interval, shooting hours, and frame rate. To calculate the time-lapse duration, use the following example: keeping the event duration 40 days, shooting interval 10 minutes, shooting hours 4 hours per day, and frame rate 24fps, the time-lapse duration will be 40sec.

The time-lapse length depends on two factors: shooting interval and frame rate (fps). For 1-hour capture/event duration: keeping the shooting interval 30 sec and frame rate 24 fps, the time-lapse duration will be 5 sec.

While capturing for long-term time-lapse, it is crucial to calculate the various things in advance, like shooting interval, event duration, number of images, and storage requirements. To calculate all these time-lapse requirements, Monitris’s Time-lapse calculator is the best long-term time-lapse calculator available online for free.